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Managing your facility

Facilities Management is a service that covers the upkeep, quality and cleanliness of a business or organization’s buildings and equipment.

Zing Construction covers all your business and residential needs with professional cleaning and trade services making us a true premium service.

We have a team of trained professionals who will assess and deliver a robust, quality service maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of your establishment while working in line with health and safety guidelines.

Zing Construction is based in Liverpool and currently services all major UK cities In the north of England and Wales but due to recent expansion we are now able to service all areas of the UK

We offer single project services and ongoing contracted work for establishments that need daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep.

We can also offer onsite staff for business environments that are very busy and require attention to detail and attentive cleaning or maintenance solutions.

For more information and to hear more about what Zing Construction can do for you and your business please get in contact today on 07856692047 or email info@zingconstruction.co.uk





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